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Functional medicine is a modern, patient-centered approach to medicine. It views the human body as an integrated system and seeks to determine the root causes of disease. Functional medicine tackles chronic health conditions by adding what is lacking in our bodies to move it back to a state of optimal functioning and removing anything that is preventing the body from moving toward its optimal state.

Functional medicine views each person as unique and different, and thus ultimately treats the individual, not the disease. Conventional medicine is prescribed or taken to get rid of an individual’s symptoms. However, symptoms will usually return if the individual stops taking the medication. Functional medicine, on the other hand, focuses on battling health problems and symptoms to restore long-term health, rather than giving just a temporary solution.

Functional medicine integrates traditional Western medical practices with alternative medical practices, such as nutrition, diet, exercise, natural medicines/supplements, detoxification programs, and/or stress-management techniques. Prescribed pharmaceuticals in functional medicine, unlike conventional medicine, is used to get your body back to a state where you will no longer need the medication. Functional medicine practitioners tailor a plan specifically to your body, taking into account your genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors in order to optimally restore your body’s functions.

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